Thursday, April 8, 2010

Irresistible Italy

Discover the land of fine arts, ancient history, culinary delights and hospitality

Italy is a land celebrated for its arts, and not the least among the arts that have attained their highest expression in Italy is the art of hospitality. The Italian welcome is as warm and traditional as a glass of fine wine. This comparison is apt, for travelers in ancient times gave the country its first name: Land of Wines. Italians are wonderful and warm hosts and especially when venturing off-the-beaten-path, your group will have the chance for a true immersion into the local cultures.

Italy is one of the most popular vacation countries in Europe, with all seasons being good for a visit. In summer Italy is an international playground with visitors from all continents mingling with holidaying Italians at the famous resorts. Spring comes early to Italy and autumn lingers - and so will the wise traveler who wants to enjoy at a more leisurely pace the art centers, the large cities and the holiday resorts such as those in the Lombardian lake region, the Amalfi Coast or the regions of Tuscany, Abruzzi and Umbria where spring and fall are ideal seasons.Typical Tuscan Landscape

From the sunny southern slopes of the Alps to the lush orange groves of Sicily, Italy offers enormous variety in its natural scenery and historical backgrounds. Because a good part of Italy grew up as a collection of independent city-states, customs and food vary greatly from region to region. This rich history is preserved in the colorful folklore festivals that take place in all of Italy's regions throughout the year.

Incantato specializes in Italy and our experienced tour planners are looking forward to suggestion a fully custom itinerary that is just right for your group. We hope the sample itineraries displayed on our website featuring the highlights of Italy like Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence as well as lesser known gems like Cinqueterre and the Amalfi Coast spark your interest. We look forward to designing and organizing your next journey to this irresistible destination.

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